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  McKenzie Friend Kai Adegbembo  
  Covering: Covering Beverley, Bridlington, Doncaster, Grimsby, Hull, Lincoln, Sheffield and York  

I served 30 years in the Police Force undertaking a variety of roles and retired in 2016. I have degrees in Law, Psychology and Criminology. 

My personal guiding mantra in all my adult life has been a commitment to public service and continuous professional development.

During my service with the police I was involved in supporting colleagues through my roles as a legal researcher and subsequently Chair of ‘The Forum’ an umbrella diversity organisation. I have a considerable experience of attending and preparing for court proceedings. As an officer from a minority background I have been involved in a number of sensitive enquiries. I was a member of the Home Office Stephen Lawrence Working Group and gained an insight into the impact on individuals of strategic decisions.  I was trained as a coach and mentor during my service to develop future leaders for the service.

I have presented cases before Employment Tribunals and utilised my advocacy skills to achieve the desired result. I have worked in various parts of the country. I am currently an Associate Lecturer in a University and a Governor in a local Further Education institution. I am an avid follower of current affairs.

I am married to Sally and have a son (Coen). I am a fully qualified football coach at grassroot level of the FA. I do have health issues that I am addressing currently that is related to lifestyle choices. This has helped me to develop my mindfulness approach to challenges and see opportunities from adverse situations.