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  McKenzie Friend Steve Dunbar  
  Covering Warrington, Liverpool, Leyland, St Helens, Chester and surrounding areas.  
  About Steve Dunbar:.

I have over 28 years experience as a police officer - in various roles  - before retiring in 2017.

My final role was as a principal investigator in a custody suite. This led to me becoming very experienced in the criminal court systems and and I gained a lot of knowledge dealing with children and families and working together with other agencies. I have prepared many files for court and dealt with countless witnesses and now transfer these skills to the Family Court.
From a personal standpoint I have experienced a divorce which encompassed huge financial issues for myself. My children were 11 and 14 at the time and I eventually conducted the divorce myself without a solicitor and was successful in resolving the financial aspect of this without the acrimony and upset that divorce can sometimes endure. I look forward to imparting my knowledge and expertise in this area and helping persons who find themselves to be in the unfortunate position of divorce. Family cases can be extremely traumatic and can cause harm to all involved - leaving the parties concerned vulnerable, exhausted, confused, depressed and caught up in a web of bitterness with extremely high levels of conflict, stress and debt.  I will help you cut through the complicated maze of your court case and help you move forward by reducing acrimony and conflict together with the stress that court cases can create - to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned without the need to spend thousands of pounds on legal fees.